Save the earth, have less babies?

Andrew Leonard:

I’m not sure I buy the basic premise of the Optimum Population Trust’s argument, however. Countries with lower birthrates tend to be richer and boast far higher per-capita greenhouse gas emissions than countries with high birthrates. Indeed, one of the factors that holds back development in many extremely poor countries is that the rate of population growth criples the  chances for the kind of economic growth that would raise individual living standards. If you successfully manage to reduce the rate at which the population is increasing, you might end up incidentally kicking off  sustained economic growth that turns the existing population into bigger consumers than ever before. It seems to me that the Trust’s approach only works if you keep women poor, barefoot, and not pregnant.


One Response to “Save the earth, have less babies?”

  1. maggie Says:

    Don’t you mean “fewer” babies… 😉 Personally, I am convinced that every problem can be traced back to overpopulation.

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