Has a single James Joyce short story unduly influenced contemporary American short fiction?

From the Baltimore City Paper:

Here at the beginning of the academic year, a wealth of talented writers are about to enter the system. They’ve got more to work with than ever. They should be thinking about what Joyce’s characters were thinking when they started repeating the word “galoshes”: about the weirdness that is currently seeping into our lives from all angles in a country that appears to have lost touch with itself. They should check out CNN and wonder what’s going on as our national discussions turn into bizarre rants. They should assume that 50 years from now, people will read stories to figure out who we are, not what we feel when we wish we could have been something else. That’s what Joyce was doing in 1914 when Dubliners was published. That’s why people still read it. That’s what young Americans writers should be trying to do every time they start clicking away. But they shouldn’t try to rob from the dead, because there isn’t anything there left to steal.


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