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September 28, 2009

I’m an unabashed crypto-dork.



and lots, lots more.  Great job.


The Global Illicit Economy

September 10, 2009

He calls it the deviant economy – drug running (deviant pharmaceuticals), cybercrime (deviant software), kidney smuggling (deviant health care) – things that ‘offend bourgeois morality.’ Fascinating – and only 28 minutes long. From Bruce Schneier:

The seven rules of the illicit global economy (he seems to use “illicit” and “deviant” interchangeably in the talk):

1. Perfectly legitimate forms of demand can produce perfectly deviant forms of supply.
2. Uneven global regulatory structures create arbitrage opportunities for deviant entrepreneurs.
3. Pathways for legitimate globalization are always also pathways for deviant globalization.
4. Once a deviant industry professionalizes, crackdowns merely promote innovation.
5. States themselves undermine the distinction between legitimate and deviant economics.
6. Unchecked, deviant entrepreneurs will overtake the legitimate economy.
7. Deviant globalization presents an existential challenge to state legitimacy.